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Our Supermarket is born to simplify life in the Village. Located in the upper part of the structure, not far from the restaurant and on the main path that descends towards the sea, it offers a rich selection of personal detergents and food products (packaged and fresh), without ever giving up quality and convenience.

The inviting counter of meats, cold cuts and cheeses, offers also an assortment of typical products of the Apulian tradition.


Local fruit and vegetables, at Km 0 arrive every day near the supermarket on board of the Ape Piaggio, drives by our trusted farmer . Small seasonal delicacies grown with care and patience will be the delicacies of your days.


The freshly caught fish from the Gargano sea instead, is proposed by our fishmonger, who with his itinerant refrigerated counter, stops every day for about an hour in the area in front of the supermarket entrance.


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Within the same structure it is possible to buy tobaccos, while in the bazaar area, you can find newspapers and magazines, as well as sea games and inflatables for children.


Comfort and relaxation are the watchwords of a holiday in Punta Lunga, so we try to offer you the maximum. Everyday!

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