Excursions to Tremiti Islands

Tremiti Islands are one of the wildest natural paradises of Italy. Our proposal for your active holiday is a perfectly organized and relaxed day trip by such a crystal-clear sea.

Tremiti Islands are located about 10 nautical miles away from the Gargano coastline. They are a small archipelago made up of 5 islands (San Nicola, San Domino, Cretaccio, Caprara and Pianosa) surrounded by the natural majesty of rocks, sea stacks, cliffs, sea caves and bays with limpid water.


Diomede was the ancient name of these islands honoring the heroic deeds of Diomede, king of Argo and Ulysses’ companion during the Trojan War. According to the legend, the valiant Achaean warrior, after navigating the Adriatic Sea for long time, was so bewitched by the beauty of this place that he decided to settle right here.


Here you can find our suggested experiences.

Discover the marine park!

Visit of the islands with private boat

This proposition is ideal for everyone who wants to experience intensely the sea of the Tremiti Islands.

After reaching the islands by ship from the harbour of Vieste, you will find a private boat waiting for you which will allow you to navigate the crystal-clear sea of the archipelago. Here you will admire the inlets jagging the perimeter of all the islands and the breathtaking sea caves defining the outline, while having the possibility to relax, cool down and dive in the transparent waters of the marine park.


During the excursion, a little snack will be offered by the agency aboard the boat.


For information and relative costs:


+39 0884 962721

In the footsteps of legendary Diomede 

Guided tour

local guide will escort you during the visit of San Nicola Island, in order to reminisce all the historical events happened in the past ages. After visiting by foot the old town of the island, you will come aboard a local watercraft in order to discov er marvellous marine landscapes.

Available free time to have lunch and to bathe.

The meeting with the local tourist guide can be arranged at the departure harbour or directly at Tremiti Islands.



For infomation and relative costs:


+39 0884 962721

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