Your windsurfing school in Vieste

A windsurfing school in our exclusive bay, to learn or improve windsurfing disciplines, s.u.p. or catamaran.

The Gargano Surf Center is our water sports school. Located on our beach, a few steps from the bar, it offers the opportunity to attend courses of all levels to start or improve your skills in aquatic disciplines, especially windsurfing and catamaran sailing.


Thanks to the embrace of our cliffs, the Punta Lunga Bay is the ideal place to test your skills in the water. Here, the natural conformation of the bay protects the beach from the strong winds and currents of water, leaving everyone free to learn at their own pace, and to set sail at the time they deem most appropriate.


Among the services offered by professional, qualified and certified instructors, there are: courses for all levels, held in Italian, English and German, rental of sports equipment and the possibility of storage for your own sports equipment.



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Località Defensola

P.O.Box339/ Cap.71019, Vieste-Gargano

Tel.: +39 0884 706031 - 706032 

Mobile: +39 3466403894

Fax: +39 0884 706910



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